Students from outside Hokkaido University, and those with different scientific backgrounds who are interested in pursuing graduate studies related to the mathematical modeling of natural phenomena and simulation, as well as in developing software for high-performance parallel computing and numerical calculations, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Why not research the natural sciences through mathematical modeling? The mathematical modeling of nonlinear phenomenon is a subject with unlimited possibilities. Yet it can be said that calculus and linear algebra are enough for a great starting point, and that techniques for numerical calculation can be taught from zero. Those who are interested, by all means, contact us!


Our recent research includes the following topics:
・Mathematical analysis and modeling of self-driven droplets and particles
・Mathematical modeling of the interaction between convection and self-driven particles
・Mathematical analysis of the collective motion of self-driven particles
・Mathematical modeling of coupled oscillator system within combustion-reactions
・Mathematical modeling of biological cell motion
・Mathematical modeling of epidermal structure and formation
・Mathematical analysis of spot formation and motion in reaction-diffusion systems
・Oscillatory phenomenon coupled with structural change
・Pattern formation in growing tissue
・Inverse problems for applied partial differential equations
・Mathematical analysis for fractional evolution equations
・Building global bifurcation structure numerical computation software
・Construction of scientific visualization software