Leaders of the next generation, achieving comprehensive abilities with a global outlook and leading strategies

The power of mathematics lies in its generality—its practicality lives indiscriminately in every area of research. The mathematical sciences can respond to unsolved social problems with its comprehensive ability to dynamically develop leading research in both university and industry. By combining conclusive knowledge with hypotheses from the theoretical sciences, we seek the creation of objective philosophies which are based on experimental results obtained through new research methods.

We hold joint seminars and special lectures to provide the opportunity for discussions and collaborative research projects—which we call the virtual Open Facility for Knowledge— and by composing a strong research foundation through global networking, we inspire leading edge scholars of the next generation who can play a role in rapidly changing and globally-driven projects. Moreover, this research center will explore further entrepreneurship with economics, psychology, and law fields—which still require vast needs to develop together with the mathematical sciences. We also aim to be a research center for opening social frontiers through the collaboration with public facilities and organizations.