6th Mathematics for Social Creativity Seminar

Date and time: January 23, 2017
13:00-17:00 Study seminar
17:00-18:00 Summary
Place: Research Institute for Electronic Science (North Campus) 1st floor Conference Room


Lecturer: Prof. Koji Fukushima (University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)
Subject: Overview of Ising Simulator Technique

In Japan, the Ising variable simulator can be traced back to the Ising machine (mTIS). It was an era during which the merits of special purpose computers versus general purpose computers were still discussed. Looking at the post-Moore-law era, recent pursuits of specializations such as FPGA etc. feel as if the same debate is being revived once again. Therefore, in parallel with hardware development, it is necessary to propose and select appropriate algorithms. In this talk, hardware aspects will be set aside and an overview of the Ising type variable algorithm will be discussed. Actual problems such as sampling and optimization trapped due to locally stability are a key difficulty to be addressed. Assuming parallel computational methods without limiting ourselves to Ising type model, we will also explain some workaround methods.