Members of the MSC

Collaborative ResearcherTakashi TakemotoInformation scienceAnalog integrated circuit, high-speed I/O circuits for wireline, optical interconnectsCollaborative ResearcherSaki TanakaQuantum physics, Applied mathematicsStatistical mechanics, mathematical statistics, quantum measurement theory, quantum information theory

Affiliation Position Name Fields Keywords
Laboratory of Mathematical  modeling Professor Masaharu Nagayama Applied mathematics Reaction-diffusion system, Mathematical modeling, numerical bifurcation calculation
Associate Professor Hitoshi Aonuma Behavioral physiology Neuroethology, invertebrate, neuroscience, neuromodulation, neurogenetics, modelling, robotics
Associate Professor  Yasuaki Kobayashi  Nonlinear physics, applied mathematics  Mathematical modeling, nonlinear dynamics, reaction-diffusion systems, coupled oscillators
Assistant Professor Hiroshi Nishino aestho-physiology electrophysiology, neurobehavioral , intracellular recording, beastie, mushroom body, antennal lobe, intermediate neuron, olfactory learning
Assistant Professor Yikan Liu  Applied mathematics  Partial
differential equation, inverse problem, mathematical modeling
Laboratory of Mathematical and Physical Ethology Professor Toshiyuki Nakagaki Mathematical Ethology Mathematical modeling, reaction-diffusion system, ethology, collective motion, rheology, protist,morphogenesis
Associate Professor Katsuhiko Sato Soft matter physics, biophysics Actomyosin, collective migration of epithelial cells, rheology, muscle, coupled oscillators
Associate Professor  Yuzuru Sato  Nonlinear physics, Applied mathematics Chaos and complexity, random dynamical systems and stochastic chaos,  high-dimensional chaos, time-series analysis
 Assistant Professor  Yukinori Nishigami  Biophysics  Protists, cell locomotion, cellular ethology, artificial cell, actin, myosin, liposome
Laboratory of Molecule & Life Nonlinear Science Professor Tamiki Komatsuzaki Chemical physics, biophysics, applied mathematics Non-linear physics, phase space geometry, normally hyperbolic invariant manifold
Associate Professor Hiroshi Teramoto applied singularity theory, dynamical systems, chemical reaction dynamics, solid state physics, asymptotic analysis reaction coordinate switching mechanism, non-adiabatic transition, topological insulator
Assistant Professor Goro Nishimura Applied physics, optical technologies in medicine Diffuse optical tomography, diffusion equation, inverse problem, light scatter, photon correlation
Assistant Professor  Yuta Mizuno  Theoretical Chemistry  Chemical Reaction Dynamics, Chemical Reaction Networks,
Quantum Dynamics, Nonadiabatic Dynamics, Phase Space Geometry
Laboratory of Experimental Mathematics Guest Professor Masanao Yamaoka Information science Semiconductor digital circuit, computer engineering, semiconductor device
Guest Professor  Shinichi Minato Information science  Knowledge processing, Logic Optimization, Data mining, Data structures and algorithms
 Guest Professor Takashi Takemoto  Information science  Analog Integrated Circuits, High-speed serial interface